30 January 2011

Quinoa Cakes

Whenever I think of quinoa, I think of this blog.
I made Martha Stewart's Quinoa Cakes this morning and they were delightful.
They were dense and chewy and yummy.
I froze the extras to reheat in the toaster like suggested.
So I'm looking forward to a week of these.

My notes:
I didn't have pure maple syrup, good ol Log Cabin worked just fine.
It made about 6, 1/4 cup pancakes (verses the 12 heaping tablespoon size they recommended).
When I cooked the quinoa I had enough to triple the recipe...wish I did!

They are a little more prep than I'm used to for breakfast (only because you have to have cooked quinoa) but with 1pm church there was time.

Anyway try em!

1 comment:

  1. i cooked with quinoa this week and thought of this blog too!! :)


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