12 September 2010

sprite can chicken

Tried this recipe tonight and had to share with you all (so good!)

back story:

a week or so ago our CSA gave us some lemon basil which i knew i'd have to break my vegetarian fast to try with a roasted chicken. i'd also seen various blog posts boasting the technique of using a can of beer to roast a chicken over the grill. wanted to try that one too. and so my version, sprite can chicken, was born.


1 whole chicken- locally "grown" if possible (mine was about 3-3.5 lbs)
1 can sprite
other spices


1. rinse chicken
2. generously dry rub with salt, pepper, and whatever other seasoning you desire
3. put it in a airtight plastic bag and let rest for a few hours (i did mine while we were at church)
4. set grill for 350 (ours luckily has a thermometer attached, i suppose this would work in the oven just as well)
5. open soda can and then use a can opener to also open about 1/2 of the lid (for extra flavor i put a sprig of lemon basil into the can)
6. gingerly place the bird onto the can so that it's perched on it and the can fills the cavity of the bird
7. you'll want the bird sitting directly on the grill (can stading upright, legs facing down) in INDIRECT heat for about an hour depending on size. (mine took an hour and 15 min)

my review:

this was the most moist chicken i've ever made, the meat just fell off the bone. it was so delicious. it may have seemed extra delicious since it was the first chicken i've had since christmas, but i'm definitely going to use this recipe again.

1 comment:

  1. my mom makes a similar recipe but adds italian dressing to the mix. SO good.


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