28 September 2010

finemealwoman recommends

I recently made Rebecca's brownies and added mint extract to them. They were AMAZINGLY good! I totally agree with Rebecca that these are the best brownies! They were so good we made them again with Reese's Pieces on top. Yum!

Tonight I made Danica's white BBQ chicken. It was yummy and quick. I liked that it had a different flavor from my usual chicken recipes.

Thanks for sharing these great recipes ladies!


  1. Great idea Star! I often wonder what people end up using on here because I am sure we have all benefited a ton from this awesome blog! I think I'll make that white BBQ chicken too tonight- I actually have all those ingredients... a rare occurrence with me and recipes!

  2. mmm those brownies are my new go-to brownie recipe. they are the best!


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