05 August 2010

slow roasted granola

I love eating granola for breakfast. It kills me to see how expensive it is at the store, especially the good stuff! I have two recipes that I really like. The first one has been my staple recipe since I started making my own granola about a year ago. I've already shared it here on finemealwoman. Here is the recipe!

I have a new favorite recipe though that I would love to share. It comes from Lizzie the author of The Mother Runner. Here is the link to the recipe on her blog. Be sure to explore her blog as well. She has all kinds of great recipes and ideas!


  1. Thanks for posting this, Star. I've tried and failed THREE times lately to make an edible granola. It seems pretty straightforward, and yet I always do something to mess it up. Too dry, too chewy, too burned to a crisp. Now at least I have two more recipes to try. (I think will all of my wasted ingredients I'm still saving money from buying granola. Why do they price it so high?!)

  2. Thanks for the recipe! I have just started making granola in the last month and have been trying a few different recipes. Today I used the link you gave but instead of the sunflower seeds and sesame seeds (I don't particularly care for them) I used flax seeds and wheat germ as you did in the Maple Pecan granola. I love it! I especially love that The Mother Runner taught me how to make the clusters. That was part of what was lacking in the other recipes I've tried! Thanks, Star!!! Miss you!


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