21 September 2009

les pommes

Hi guys! I just made applesauce. It's delicious. It only took about an hour. I got the recipe here.
The only thing I did differently was that I used ground cinnamon instead of a stick. Carrie, what is your applesauce like? I'm going to freeze about half of it because I don't have any canning equipment.


  1. I made applesauce for the first time recently. I was amazed at how easy it was. I agree with Steph, great work Melissa!

  2. I'm making it in mass quantities on Friday. I'll let you know how it turns out but I'll tell you it won't have any cinnamon in it. Yucky!

  3. Oh my word. Disaster.

    The applesauce itself was lovely (although we did ours basic basic) but the canning? THE CANNING!

    Oi vey.


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