11 September 2009

cooking asian

last night i was searching through one of my cook books and came across a picture of mandarin orange chicken stir-fry. it looked A-mazing.
so i decided to try it out.
i went to the store and bought the ingredients (which is a rare thing, i like to cook with what i have, but i was craving so i splurged)
let me just say
it turned out horrible! with a capital H.
it didn't look like the picture at all. and i really hope it wasn't supposed to taste that way cause i should just get rid of that cook book right now if it did.
but i have kind of noticed a trend in my cooking.

i am not very good at cooking asian dishes.

i wonder why?
does anyone else have this problem with a certain style of food? maybe it is just me.

i guess from now on i will just stick to asian take out.


  1. i'm bad at a lot of things, but not a specific genre. i liked this post, though. good luck next time, and carrie has a fantastic sweet & sour chicken dish if you want to make something asian that you can't mess up!

  2. True Melissa! My sister eats it at least once a week. She's funny.

    I also have a semi intense but super good orange chicken recipe (also fried though). I'd be happy to pass it along if you are interested.

    I'm plenty bad and plenty of things. I stress out if I have to cook a mass of meat of any sort that isn't going in the crockpot.

  3. im intimidated when it comes to orange chicken but taylor has an amazing recipe and it's even more amazing when SHE makes it- haha! i've never attempted it.....

  4. steak...we just can't do it for some reason. darn it all.

  5. ...and apparently caramel sauce. Just burnt it. man, it stinks in here! lol.


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