08 August 2009

i can can, at least i think i can can

I've always been utterly and completely overwhelmed with the idea of canning. I recently attended an enrichment activity where we learned to can homemade strawberry jam. We learned by doing it. I was super excited because, yes, it took a lot of time and was a little tricky, but it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be. I came home with 2 jars of jam and a whole lot of enthusiasm for canning. I think I could do it, at least I want to give it a shot. It won't be for a while though since we are moving and cleaning out the cupboards, freezer, and refrigerator. Any of you ladies can? Any tips/suggestions for a beginner?


  1. i would love to hear tips and suggestions too! my mom did it, my aunts did it, they never made it seem like a big deal but i am intimidated as well and would love to learn!

  2. I've helped my mom do it, but I am putting it off as well (although for me it's mostly due to the outrageous prices for produce here). My favorite thing my mom cans is applesauce. SO GOOD! And she uses Jonathan apples to make it pink, which we always thought was so fun. I'm excited to can stuff when I have my own produce to can.

  3. my mom only cans when she feels obligated (eg someone gives her a huge box of peaches or my dad whines a lot), and i never really helped her. i tried to jam a simiple jam about a month ago and the results were (although hilarious) inedible. i'd really like to can but i don't have any equipment, so let me know how this goes for you. what are you going to can first? my grandma did pink applesauce to, which we loved, and she did cherries, which was probably really time consuming but so so good.

  4. last tuesday night for our enrichment we canned as well. we did mango jam and mango salsa. so yummy.
    i wish i would have paid more attention to it when my mom did it when i was younger. and yeah, it intimidates me.


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