26 July 2009

Wheat ya doing?

*sorry i forgot to take pictures of these recipes . if you have any questions please feel free to ask or email me if you want more info.

if you are like me than you have asked yourself this question many times before, 'what else can i do with my food storage wheat besides grind it up for bread?' i mean, don't get me wrong, there is nothing better than homemade wheat bread. but sometimes i want to be a bit more creative with it. 
so now i steam it.
yup, steam it.
first, i measure out 2 cups of water per 1 cup of wheat. any wheat will do but i have red hard wheat so that is what i used.
boil at a high heat for 5 minutes
then turn down the heat and let simmer for 30 more minutes
next you take it off the heat and let it sit in the water for about 8 hours/overnight or until berries are the texture you want. oh, and do all of these steps with the pot covered.
and voila, your done. 1 cup of hard wheat yields about 2 1/2 - 3 cups soft wheat berries.
as this is a long process to make i usually start with 2 or 3 cups of the red hard wheat and freeze the soft berries that i don't plan on using.
now that you have them what in the world do you do with them??
well, you could just add some sugar and eat it for breakfast. which is one of my favorite breakfasts. (i grew up eating fresh cracked wheat and 9 grain cereal) or you could
-add it to your spaghetti sauce
-add it in your homemade chili (i did that yesterday) or soups
-sprinkle it on top of your salad
-as an after church snack today i peeled, halved (long ways), and seeded a cucumber filled the middle with some tuna fish mixed with the wheat berries and topped it with cheese. a refreshing inside out sandwich.
-or i have even used it as a dessert topping. on the stove top mix a little butter, peanut butter (i use crunchy style cause i like the chunks of nuts), honey, and wheat berries. then spoon it over some vanilla ice cream. so yummy.
it is such a versatile food and can be put into anything really. so just be creative!
happy wheat eating!!


  1. tons of good ideas!! my sister makes whole wheat waffles with the berries- it's in that recipe book we all made together. also, i had chili with the berries in it at a ward party last week and it was delicious so i definitely feel motivated to try and make it on my own. YUM!

  2. Sounds great! I've not done anything with wheat berries before, just whole wheat flour. Thanks for the ideas Echo!!!

  3. WOW! I am going to cook me some up tomorrow and try it as breakfast on tuesday! Good ideas! Yummy!

  4. wow. really. thanks because i have no idea what to do with by two giant tubs of cracked red wheat. i'm going to try this to-night.

  5. if your wheat is already cracked it will not take as long to soak.
    if you have the whole berries you can crack them in your blender before you cook them to cut down the time.


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