08 September 2010

anyone into green smoothies?

We make ours like milkshakes, but you could sub out the milk for OJ and get a sweeter version. Really you could do anything you want. Here's what we usually do:
1 cup milk
3 HUGE handfuls of spinach (fill up that blender!)

Blend until smooth.

Then add:
2 TBSP flaxseed (buy from costco. easy huh.)
2 heaping scoops of vanilla protein powder (Also from costco. You have no excuse. Get the purple and silver bag. Not the white container. TRUST ME.)
a frozen banana cut up (I buy 2 bunches at a time, peel them, throw them in a bag all together, and freeze them like that.)

Blend all that up together til it's nice and milkshake-y.

They also double as ice pops in case you were wondering.



  1. I am loving your ice pop molds! Those are super cute! Where did you get them?

  2. the are ancient - they are my mother in laws from back in the day. not sure where she got them, but we love them too!


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