30 April 2010

chicken fajitas with homemade whole wheat tortillas

My friend Heidi has a recipe blog that I love called Food of Good Report. She has great ideas and works really hard to feed her family good food. I really admire her. She recently posted a recipe for chicken fajitas that sounded so good I just had to try it! I didn't have all of the ingredients, but I used what I did have and improvised here and there. The fajitas turned out to be incredible! I will be making these a regular around our house!

Also, ever since finemealwoman contributor Echo posted her homemade tortilla recipe (with a recipe for green chili stew), I've been wanting to make my own tortillas. I used all whole wheat flour for mine and they were delicious. I love how they didn't fall apart like store bought tortillas. They were inexpensive, easy to make, and had a whole lot more flavor. Plus, I always have the ingredients on hand... water, flour, baking powder, and salt. The only trick was keeping my son from poking holes in them while I rolled them out.

Thank you Heidi and Echo for your fabulous recipes! Chef Jeff is also very appreciative! I owe ya ladies!

1 comment:

  1. oh i agree about the tortiallas! i haven't bought any since echo posted that recipe. they're so easy and better than store-bought. thanks echo.


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