03 January 2010

once i catch my breath...

I have a whole lot of tasty things to post about and will do my best to get caught up soon!

Just to wet your appetite...
  • English toffee
  • Peppermint bark
  • Curry chicken salad
  • GOOSE!
  • Quinoa and hazel nut stuffing
  • Lemon pepper green beans and yellow squash
  • Roasted potatoes


  1. yeah, i thought i saw something on facebook about you and a goose and i was veeeerrrry intrigued to say the least. let's hear it!

  2. by the way, star, i made your oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (which you posted many months ago) and the dough and the first batch to come out of the oven was SO VERY GOOD. SO. very good. thanks. but then i burned the rest, darn it.

  3. Ha! I was just coming to say the same thing.



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